The  role  of  Small  and  Medium-Scale  Enterprise (SMEs)  in  the  national  economy  cannot  be underestimated.  These  enterprises  are  being  given increasing  policy  attention  in  recent  years, particularly in third world countries partly because of growing disappointment with results of development strategies  focusing  on  large  scale  capital  intensive and  high  import dependent  industrial  plants.  The impact of SMEs is felt in the following ways: Greater  utilization  of  local  raw  materials, employment  generation,  encouragement  of  rural development,  development  of  entrepreneurship, mobilization  of  local  savings,  linkages  with  bigger industries, provision of regional balance by spreading investments  more  evenly,  provision  of  avenue  for self-employment  and  provision  of  opportunity  for training managers and semi-skilled workers.

BE YOUR DREAM PROJECT AFRICA (BYDPRA) is designed to raise more and quality SMES across Africa that will further add to the development of African continent’s economy. Africa is rich in developmental enabling resources untapped. We want to explore and harness these opportunities for African development. Participations are invited from African countries in batches. Every selected participants are made to undergo a compulsory 5 weeks training (online and physical). The training shall focus on idea clarification intelligences, The Market viability enterprise, Personal development and Risk Intelligence etc.

Every successful participant get a mentor to guide him/her through the business planning stage.



To raise quality SMEs ready to add to the development of Africa’s economy.



We want to see an Africa with millions of quality and successful SMEs. We want to see improved, viable and continuous working Economy. We want to have more jobs in circulations. We want to see Africans making, creating and inventing.


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Screening starts August 2019. Only selected people will be contacted



Idea clarification intelligence,

Market viability enterprise management,

Finance management, Scalability Enterprise and management

Personal development (building Entrepreneurship skill) and Risk Intelligence,

Business plan

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