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Meet Temitayo Adewole: Your Trusted Business Coach and Consultant

Temitayo Adewole is a micro, Small and Medium Enterprise development Consultant, mentor and Coach with unique strength in products research & development, market research & penetration, business set up, systemised management, brand positioning & Sales development, Sstrategic approach to growth and revenue generation.

Temitayo Adewole is results oriented, smart, committed, strategic, trendy & time conscious in delivery. This is more enhanced by his vast experience working with countless individuals, start-ups, micro, small and medium enterprise to set up, grow and succeed.

Temitayo Adewole is the founder of Temitayo Adewole Coaching & Consulting. This is a capacity building and solution-oriented company designed to work with aspiring and existing business owners to gain clarity, set-up, grow and succeed strategically.

He is the founder and President of Temitayo Adewole Business school Ltd and Start-ups University (a free online business school) where over 500 start-ups have been raised through training, coaching, mentoring and consulting.


Temitayo Adewole currently coaches and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, with Leading ladies business institute Lagos, Foundation for women support- Lagos and more. He has voluntarily coached with Pan African Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN), Fate Foundation, Micro-mentors, Seep, spring Foundation VCS4 and more.

He has Coached with British Council under the Creative Enterprise Support Program project delivered by Basement Animations Ltd.

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